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Beretta PX4 Storm Air pistol

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The Beretta PX4 Storm CO2 Pistol is a Replica of one of Beretta's top selling handguns. Just Like The real thing,this pistol features a blowback system that cocks the hammer back every time you fire setting you up for your next shot.

The PX4 Storm has a unique Double Sided rotary clip thatgives you 16 Shots per magazine. It is also able to shoot both .177 Pellets and 4.5mm BB's (We reccomend copper coated BB's as they are softer on the rifleing).

The gun takes a 12g Co2 Cartridge that can be easily inserted into the grip and will provide plenty of shots before a replacement is required.


- Length : 192 mm

- Barrel length : 114 mm

- Weight : 755 g

- Mag. Capacity : 16

- Approx Power : 2.5 ft/lbs

- Ammo Type : .177 Pellet & 4.5mm BB

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5.0 (based on 2 user reviews)
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